Year 7 pupils face off in French Spelling Bee

Year Seven boys and girls faced off in a French Spelling Bee competition on Tuesday afternoon.

The competition tested the pupils’ ability to say an English word in French before spelling it out in French, without seeing it on the screen.
They had one minute to spell as many words as possible.
The boys team consisted of Jack Evans, Saif Rashid and Dylan Hughes, whilst the girls team featured Raveen Riaz, Georgia Griffin and Neha Surfaly.
The boys’ winner, Saif, went into a spell-off with Neha, who finished third amongst the girls, with the winner being decided by the first mistake.
Georgia sealed second position with an amazing 13 words, with the overall winner being Raveen who obtained an impressive 14 words.
The pupils performed in front of over 50 other pupils learning French at the Schools.
The Foreign Language Spelling Bee aims to help pupils practise and improve their vocabulary, spelling and memory skills in a foreign language (French, German or Spanish).


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