Vice Captain – What it means

What Being Vice Captain of School means to me:

Throughout my time at Bury Grammar I have always looked up to the Captain, Vice Captain and prefect team. Having been at Bury Grammar from such a young age I am proud to say I have enjoyed the rewards and opportunities that this privileged education brings. It truly is an honour to represent a school that means so much to me, with such a profound history and role in the wider community.

I have constantly been tested in both academic and extracurricular fields and I would particularly like to emphasise the importance these have played on my development here over the years. I always looked up to senior members of the school, who embodied the values which epitomise the culmination of hard-work and dedication.

As Vice Captain it is important for me, alongside Joe, to be approachable and offer a helping hand to whoever it may be. Without the support from teachers and pupils alike, we would not be in the position we are in now, so it is essential for us to give back. One of the key things that sets our school apart is its caring nature. There is a sense of belonging that is attributed to attending this school which one particularly experiences when reaching their final years here.

Going into my final year I am very much looking forward to the roles and responsibilities that we will have to undertake, and hope that we can make the school proud and represent it to the best of our abilities in everything that we do, while making the most of this opportunity.

Ali Chalabi

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