Third Formers visit Holocaust Centre

On Wednesday 23rd January members of the Third Form went on the 9th annual visit to the Holocaust Centre in Nottinghamshire.  This coincides with their study of the topic of the Holocaust in History and occurs in the week of Holocaust Memorial day, the anniversary of the liberation of the Auschwitz camp.  The highlight of each visit is a meeting with a Holocaust survivor.  In the ten years we have been visiting we have never met the same survivor twice.  This year's speaker was 90-year old Mr. Bernard Grunberg.  As a teenager, Mr. Grunberg managed to escape from Germany just before the outbreak of war as part of the so-called Kindertransport, sponsored by the British Government.  However his parents and sister remained in Germany and were eventually deported to Riga in Latvia in 1942 where they subsequently perished in one of the Nazi camps. Mr Grunberg spoke movingly about his experiences and showed us some of the pictures from his cherished family album, which his mother packed in his suitcase when he left for England.  These are the only mementoes he has of his family.  Mr Grunberg eventually settled in England, married and now lives in retirement in Derby.  Since 1986 he has frequently visited his home town on the German-Dutch border and designed a set of wrought iron gates for the memorial and museum to the pre-war Jewish community which the town has established in recent years.  He answered questions from the boys who, as always, showed a great deal of interest in what he had to say.

Holocaust Centre Visit