The bursary process

A bursary is an award based on academic merit and financial need. It is a sum of money provided by the school to help you pay the fees. The value of a bursary is related to your income and financial resources. It can provide anything from some assistance to the full cost of the fees. We also call bursaries ‘Governors’ Awards’.

Bursaries are awarded to pupils aged 11 and over to help finance their secondary education. This means that bursaries are offered for pupils during the academic year prior to entry into Year 7.

Bursaries may also be awarded on entry into the sixth form .

A scholarship is awarded solely in recognition of a pupil’s academic merit. No scholarships are awarded at The Bury Grammar Schools from September 2010.

Year 7 bursaries

If you wish to apply for a bursary so that you receive help with your child's fees at the Bury Grammar Schools you must complete an application form (GA1) and submit it to the Bursar's office by the appropriate deadline, usually during the month of January prior to entry in the following September. This process only applies to pupils starting in year 7.

How to apply

Application forms for September 2015 are available to download from the section Application Form or from:- 

Bury Grammar Schools

Bursar’s Office

Farraday House

Bridge Road



Telephone: 0161 764 4442  x21

Need help?

If you have any questions in relation to completion of the form or if you are unsure as to the information required, or as to how bursaries are awarded, please contact the Bursar.

What happens next?

The Bursar reviews each form that has been submitted. If the Bursar is satisfied that there is financial need and that your son or daughter has achieved a good standard in the Entrance Examination (See Section Academic Requirements) then the application will be considered further.

Please note that the Schools have a limited amount of funds to provide bursaries. Awards cannot be made to all those who apply and reach the appropriate academic standard.

In order to assess financial need fully, the Bursar will make a home visit. This will take place after the date of the entrance examination. The purpose of the home visit is to build up a complete picture of need and so ensure that financial assistance goes to where it is genuinely needed.

The Bursar and Head then make a final decision whether to offer a place with a bursary. See Section How much help for information on the value of a bursary.

It is possible that the School may offer a 'Reserve Governors’ Award'. This means that, whilst initially the School cannot offer financial assistance, there is a possibility of a bursary becoming available if another pupil turns down an award. The Bursar will always endeavour to keep parents informed at this stage.

If the School does not offer financial assistance, ie a full fee place is offered, and you decide to take up the place you must be in a position to pay full fees for at least five years.

In the section How much help you can read about how your income is assessed and how much you might have to pay if you receive an award.