School Captain – What it means

Captain of School

At many high schools, not everyone can honestly say they enjoyed their time there, be it due to the lessons, the people or just the environment in general – in fact some people hate it, often for good reason. However, today I find myself in a position of great privilege, because when I look back at the past 6 years I can genuinely say I’ve had a brilliant time. That is why becoming School Captain and representing our school, where I have learnt so much and have so many fond memories, means so much to me. Becoming School Captain is without doubt one of my proudest accomplishments, but it is made all the more special when I consider that I wouldn’t be in this esteemed position without the support and confidence of the staff and my peers, who I wholeheartedly thank.

You can say what you will about this school, or even the education system itself, but it is impossible to deny the extremely fortunate position and opportunity that every student attending BGS has. Equally, it would be flippant and morally unjust to take our position for granted, especially when millions of young people would do anything to spend just a day in our shoes. I have not taken my personal situation or my education here for granted, and I certainly do not take the responsibilities as School Captain for granted either.

I would like to think that the best way to show my gratitude to the school and to all those who supported my appointment, is by striving to both represent the school the best I can, as well as looking to improve it, through the school council or by any other means, in the hope that less students will identify with my opening statement, and more will enjoy their time as I have, finding Bury Grammar School an enjoyable place to learn and to grow.

Thank you

Joe Edgar

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