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Welcome to the News section of the website, archiving articles about BGSB.

The Headmaster's Newsletters are also archived and available, though the current newsletter is only available in e-Newsletter format.


Headmaster and Second Master visit CCF Camp in North Yorkshire - Thursday 18th July 2013

BGS Boys gen ImageThe Headmaster and Second Master visited the boys and girls at their annual camp at Wathgill Training Camp in North Yorkshire. Mr Marshall and Mr Cassidy visited the cadets as they prepared for an evening of recce patrols and fighting patrols. The next day Mr Marshall judged the cadets as they prepa...

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World Challenge expedition to Morocco - Tuesday 16th July 2013

BGS Boys gen ImageIn the small hours of Tuesday 16th July the World Challenge Adventure team returned from Morocco.Described as ‘the nearest far-away place' Morocco is a little over three hours away, yet capable of providing eye-opening differences in culture, transport, food and entertainment. In one short wee...

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BGSB Launches our first e-Newsletter - Friday 12th July 2013

Our termly newsletter will no longer exist in its current paper format. Replacing it will be our e-Newsletter.Normally, the BGSB e-Newsletter will be emailed directly to parents via the active e-mail address that they have supplied to the school.If you did not receive your e-Newsletter, please updat...

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