Fees for the academic year 2016/17

Senior School:

£3,480 per term

Infant and Junior Schools:

£2,586 per term

Fees are invoiced to parents termly at the beginning of each term, September, January and April. Fees are payable by Direct Debit and may be paid either termly or over 9 or 11 or 12 months.

We also offer a Fees In Advance Scheme where parents pay a lump sum towards their child’s education with us here at Bury Grammar School. This method attracts a commutation of 3%. Further details regarding this payment method and other information about our Direct Debit scheme is available from the Bursar’s office, telephone 0161 764 4442.

The cost of optional extras, e.g. School meals and transport, will also be invoiced on a termly basis.

Private music lessons by visiting peripatetic music teachers are invoiced by those teachers direct to parents.

Fees are reviewed annually and parents notified in advance of any increase.

Additional Fees 2015/16: –

Music Tuition: Paid directly to the peripatetic staff. Currently fees are: £14.25 per half hour lesson. Infant music lessons – £9.50 per half hour shared lesson. £9.50 per twenty minute private lesson.

School Lunches: Payment in advance for school lunches only applies to pupils in Infant School. Junior and Senior boys pay for lunches via “Cashless Catering” accounts and parents add funds to their account via our Parent Pay portal (see our portal logo on the home page).  Read more about Parent Pay via our portal link on the home page.

The standard meal charge, currently £3.00 for seniors and £2.80 for Infant and Junior, (however boys may spend more if they wish) is reviewed annually. School dinners are not compulsory but packed lunches should be eaten in the Dining Hall. More information on the food available at BGS can be found here: Healthy Eating at BGS.

Educational Visits: Visits are regularly organised by departments in term time. Some trips are integral to the course being studied, for example field work in Geography at GCSE / A-Level and as such some/all of such costs will be paid by departments. Other trips are charged at actual costs, with no hidden extras, and parents are expected to meet these in full. In addition, various holidays at home and abroad are organised which are, however, entirely optional.

Breakfast and After School Club: These are open to children in the Infant and Junior Schools. The charge for 2015/16 is £4.75 per day for Breakfast Club and £4.60 per hour or part thereof for After School Club.

School Coaches: The Schools offer dedicated coach services from a number of areas within our locality. For more information please see our Information for Parents page for further details.