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Nursery and Pre-School


resizedimage225299-Number-childThe curriculum for children in Nursery and Reception is called ‘The Early Years Foundation Stage.’

The Foundation Stage begins at birth until children reach the age of five. There are seven areas of learning in the curriculum for the Foundation Stage; each area includes several aspects of learning which are brought together through playing and communicating.

The seven areas of learning are:

  1. Personal, Social and Emotional
  2. Physical
  3. Communication and Language
  4. Literacy
  5. Mathematics
  6. Understanding the World
  7. Expressive Arts and Design

resizedimage225168-ComputerStaff are constantly monitoring the progress of the children throughout the year. We invite parents to attend parent at workshops where you work alongside your child and individual targets are set for the following term, as well as providing reports in order to support your child’s education. In the Nursery we want to do the absolute best we can for your child. We aim for every child in our care to be healthy, safe and to make a positive contribution


The Nursery and Pre-School has a custom-built home in a state-of-the-art facility.

The Pre School building incorporates two rooms called ‘The Star Room’ and ‘The Sunshine Room.’ Each room is equipped with child friendly furniture with easily accessible toys and resources. The rooms are divided into different areas of learning in which the children are encouraged to initiate their own activities as well as participating in adult led activities. Resources are freely accessible to the children and are changed regularly to maintain interest and enthusiasm. Our outside play area is our third learning environment to which the children have continual access throughout the day.

resizedimage225299-MathsA healthy diet and good table manners are a very important part of a child’s learning at this stage. We provide nutritious snacks including fruit and vegetables which are served as well as milk and water. Lunch is served in the specially designed ‘Sunshine Room’ where your child can choose either the nutritious school lunches, including a vegetarian option or sandwiches from home.

Co-Educational Infants


The curriculum for children in Pre School and Reception is called the Foundation Stage. When children have completed the Foundation Stage they move onto the National Curriculum. Though the National Curriculum is not compulsory for independent schools, we have based our schemes of work on it. We carry out our own assessments and keep parents informed of progress.

resizedimage250166-Computer-boyParents’ Evenings are held twice a year in the Autumn and Spring Term and written reports for all children are sent out at the end of that academic year. Children in Years 1 and 2 also receive an interim report at the end of the Autumn Term. We aim to keep you updated on your child’s progress at every available opportunity.

In the Infants we study the core subjects of Mathematics, English and Science as well as Geography, History, Art, Design Technology, Religious Studies, Thinking Skills, Information and Communication Technology, Music and PE. We have specialist Music and PE teachers, whereas the other subjects are taught in class. From Reception onwards, children receive swimming lessons in Bury Grammar Schools’ own pool. We understand the value of technology in the world today and believe that it is a crucial part of a child’s learning, so all children have access to an interactive white board within their form room but they also have timetables lesson in the computer suite within our library.


resizedimage274277-cropped-small-child-classroomLessons are in bright, spacious classrooms where children learn by experimenting, playing and working harmoniously with one another.

The Infants features an Octagonal Hall where children are provided with an environment in which they will improve their dramatic ability through lesson, learn from the multi-faith assemblies or perhaps even star in performances, assemblies, celebrations and displays.

Your child’s creativity can be indulged in the Music Room. Children are encouraged to work on their musical skills in the comfort of this specifically designed room where they will begin to learn to play instruments and to sing together in preparation for concerts shared with family friends. There are also practice rooms available for individual tuition.

At BGS we understand the importance of a healthy mind in a healthy body. The Infants has its own gym which is suitable for PE instruction and the development of early co-ordination skills and team work.

resizedimage321213-JumpingThe library provides a relaxing environment in which children have excellent resources helping them to learn to read. The Learning Resource Area allows them to broaden their horizons further. Any access to the Internet is, of course, strictly controlled and supervised