Religious Studies

Religious Studies (RS)

High quality, carefully prepared and enthusiastically delivered RS has the potential to have a great and lasting effect on a child’s mind. It is RS that can provide children with a foundation of values on which to build their lives, give them the opportunity to start discovering who they are and their place in the world and give them a greater understanding of the faith and behaviour of their neighbours. Through RS they are being prepared for life.

Outline of Work

Our aim through teaching RS is to make a connection with the boys’ own world and experiences. It is through this connection that we aim to make RS relevant and valuable to them. Our RS syllabus is deeply rooted in the concept of making this connection. We have carefully chosen activities to make lessons exciting and informative.

Class discussions play a large role in our teaching of RS. Boys are encouraged to participate in debates and discussions and as a result become more confident in their ability to express their views and opinions as well as listen to and respond to those of others.


We have extensive resources for the four religions (Christianity, Judaism, Hinduism and Islam) which we study in the Junior School. These range from artefacts that the boys may handle to posters, CD-ROMs, books and selected websites to enable RS to be interesting and enlightening to the boys. We also visit selected places of worship to fit in with our syllabus.