The teaching of Mathematics at the Junior School follows the structure of the most recent National Numeracy Strategy whilst also providing the necessary confidence and expertise in Mathematics. The aim is to give the boys a solid foundation for the further development of their mathematical abilities.

Outline of Work

The scheme of work aims to teach using and applying Mathematics, number, shape and space data handling including problem solving and investigative Mathematics. Our aims are to instil a clear understanding of these concepts so that they can be applied to problem solving situations and help to develop the boys’ confidence and reasoning in this area; and to educate the boys as to the relevance of Mathematics in the wider context of everyday life and for their economic well being.

In the Junior School the boys are taught Mathematics as a whole class and the curriculum is structured to enable each boy to fulfil his potential. We aim to make Mathematics lessons as interactive as possible and every boy is encouraged to participate wholly in each lesson by being given opportunities to demonstrate his understanding orally as well as on paper.


The school has a wide variety of mathematical equipment and resources enabling boys to further their understanding in every aspect of Mathematics. We have modern text books which are used throughout the school along with an extensive range of mathematical games, DVDs and ICT equipment.