The Geography curriculum at BGSB is based around both physical and human aspects of the subject. The aim is to allow the boys to learn about their own local environment as well as those further afield. These may be within the UK (Malham) or in other continents (Chembokalli, India). Boys are encouraged to compare and contrast localities whilst also identifying naturally occurring physical features and the effect of human features on each environment.

Whilst also containing traditional elements of Geography such as map reading, the curriculum is geared towards making boys more aware of their own effect on and responsibility for the environment. Topics on water movement, traffic issues, pollution and weather highlight the intrinsic link between humans and the world around them.

Outline of Work

Each year group will spend a number of lessons undertaking field work. This can range from identifying local buildings and land use, to pollution and traffic surveys. In addition there is a strong cross-curricular link to the Outdoor Activities curriculum, with Transitus I (Year 4) boys visiting Rivington and Malham, Transitus II (Year 5) boys undertaking a two day trip to Ambleside and Exitus (Year 6) boys visiting Borrowdale in the Lake District, for a three-day self-reliant camping trip.

The aim of the curriculum is to make Geography relevant to the boys whilst also ensuring it is interesting, accessible and incorporates as much use of ICT as possible. The use of ICT ranges from MS Word and Powerpoint to Excel and internet based research.

The investigative nature of most of our Geography work allows great scope for the boys to stretch themselves to their full potential.


The Geography curriculum is supported by an excellent set of resources. These include interactive globes and maps, artefacts, photo packs, relevant internet sites and CD Roms, all tailored to the specific topics that the boys cover.