In French lessons emphasis is placed on enjoyment and speaking. Many of the boys will have some knowledge of France and French through family holidays and we hope to build on this and increase their knowledge and appreciation of things French as well as develop their linguistic skills.

Outline of Work

We start French in the Junior School in Introitus (Year 3) and the boys have one lesson a week. Boys in both Transitus II (Year 5) and Exitus (Year 6) are given the opportunity to work with a French Assistante to help extend their French vocabulary.

Most of the work we do is oral and aural and, although the boys have an exercise book, most of what they write is to help them to remember the material covered. We work hard to ensure that the boys acquire a good pronunciation. The topics which are covered over the year include personal identification, numbers, dates, shopping, travel, food and drink and, threading its way through much of the work, background information about France and French customs.


A wide variety of resources are used. These include videos, CDs, and a wide range of carefully selected websites, posters and printed material.