Computing is expanding rapidly and is relied on increasingly in the day-to-day life of the world at large.The aim of the Computing curriculum therefore is to build a strong foundation in all the essential skills a boy will need for later life and study, by giving each boy hands-on and practical experience of computers, industry standard software and associated hardware. Coding, in line with the new Computing curriculum has been recently introduced and “Coding Club” is very popular.

Outline of Work

The scheme of work followed in the Junior School develops specific computer skills as well as personal skills; the boys are taught how and why to use particular software programs and encouraged to evaluate information, which includes e-safety.

The boys are timetabled for two Computing lessons per week. In these lessons the fundamental Computing/ICT skills are covered and include programming and coding, as well as word processing, multimedia, data handling, graphics and use of the internet. Tasks and skills are based around boy-centered resources, ensuring that the curriculum is both exciting and engaging.

The boys use the Computing facilities frequently throughout almost every area of the school curriculum and are required to adapt their computing skills to a variety of diverse tasks. In English, for example, they use specific software to produce differing forms of narrative, from conventional plain text to multimedia stories which contain texts, sounds and images to tell their tale. In this cross-curricular approach, skills can be consolidated and built upon as each boy progresses through the school.


The main provision for Computing in the Junior School is a purpose built suite. There are 26 terminals to provide each boy with his own personal workstation, on which software and hardware are constantly updated to provide the best possible provision. All the terminals are network-linked, have access to the internet via a fast broadband connection as well as access to resources available across the whole school. Internet access is filtered and all pupils are strictly supervised and instructed on how to use the facility responsibly and safely. A colour laser printer, mono laser printer, colour ink jet printer and scanners are also available on the network. The school also has a variety of digital cameras and digital video cameras that are used to enhance the curriculum. An overhead projector facility linked to the system laptop allows the teacher to guide the class through tasks step by step and provide visual demonstrations. All members of the school have their own network account and password that enables them to store their files securely and centrally.