Art and Design Technology

Art and Design Technology

Art and Design Technology are taught in a well equipped specialist room, allowing the boys to discover, enjoy and develop skills and understanding in a positive environment. We aim to foster and develop the boys’ creative and practical sides through different media including drawing, painting, printmaking, sculpture and ceramics.

Outline of Work

The Art and Design Technology subject areas are often integrated and take the form of practical projects lasting approximately half a term. Where possible these projects are linked into themes and areas of study being explored in other subject areas. ICT is an integral part of the work and is used in projects where appropriate.

Each year group is allocated two double periods per week for the study of Art and Design Technology. In Introitus (Year 3) the subject is taught by a class teacher and from Transitus I (Year 4) to Exitus (Year 6) by a specialist teacher.


Boys work in 2 and 3 dimensions exploring shape, line, tone, colour, texture and pattern. The use of mark making materials in response to observational work is intrinsic to the curriculum. This supports areas of study in painting, printmaking, sculpture, ceramics, textiles and graphic design. There are opportunities for further artistic activities during various lunchtime clubs for different year groups.

Design Technology

Design Technology capability is developed through a problem solving approach applied to set design and make tasks. This gives boys the opportunity to investigate a problem and explore possible solutions. They are then able to develop and communicate their design ideas before using a variety of materials and equipment to make their proposed product. Testing and evaluation is encouraged through the design and make process. The curriculum is supported by the study of work by relevant artists, craft workers and designers; this work includes examples from the locality, contemporary work and work from a variety of periods and cultures.

Artist in Residence: Every year we have a visiting Artist in Residence who works with each of the classes in practical workshop sessions. In previous years groups have had the opportunity to work with artists using mosaic, ceramics, collage, batik, watercolour and abstract painting.


As well as having a new well equipped Art Room, the Junior School has its own kiln in which sculpture and pottery can be glazed and fired.