What’s been happening in the Junior School.

Housepoints Year Group Winners   Year Six Lewis Nally (124)   Year Five Callum Horrocks (39)   Year Four George Lee (57)   Year Three Oliver Marshall (61)   House Totals (Pupil Average)       Congratulations to Joshua and Hulme   Hulme             29.1 Derby              26.5 Howlett           26.4 Kay                 25.5   Boys of the Week  […]

E-Safety bulletin week 4

The theme for this week’s E-Safety bulletin is ‘Sexting’, otherwise known as SGIIs (Self Generated Indecent Images) or maybe ‘sexy selfies’ amongst young people.   Sexting is creating, sharing and forwarding sexually suggestive nude or nearly nude images and it is important to remember that making, possessing or distributing an indecent image of a child […]

Mr Dennis – Assembly

    A few days ago I looked out of the window of my house as I was getting ready to leave for work and was greeted by this (PICTURE 1).  The picture you see is looking south, towards Manchester across open fields, into the early morning sky- it was about quarter past seven and […]

What’s been happening in the Junior School?

  Housepoints Year Group Winners   Year Six James Bluer (84)   Year Five Jacob Corrie (28)   Year Four Jai Kohli (60)   Year Three Benjamin Foster & Oliver Marshall (62)   House Totals (Pupil Average) Derby              30 Howlett           28 Hulme             26 Kay                 25   Boys of the Week Congratulations to the following boys […]

The Bury Holocaust Memorial Day Service

On Wednesday evening, on Holocaust Memorial Day (27th January), the Borough of Bury held its 14th annual Holocaust Memorial Day service.   Two Year 10 students from every single secondary school in Bury took part in the service, each of them reading part of a presentation put together by Mark Burke, the Borough’s Community Cohesion […]

Holocaust Memorial Centre Visit

Holocaust Memorial Centre Visit On Tuesday 26 January the whole of the Third Year went on the 12th annual visit to the National Holocaust Memorial Centre in Nottinghamshire. The visit coincides with the third year study topic on the Second World War in History and was held on the eve of Holocaust Memorial Day. Unfortunately, […]

E-Safety bulletin week 3

The theme for this week’s E-Safety bulletin is ‘Online Gaming’. I, myself, am no expert in online gaming; in fact, it is not something I have ever really engaged in. However, online gaming is one of the most popular activities amongst young people. Many of our boys admit to spending a large proportion of their […]

Sports Report: Week ending 23 January 2016

Football On Monday the U13s faced Oldham Hulme in the 1st round of the Greater Manchester Cup. After already beating Oldham earlier on in the season the U13s were hoping for another win. They started the game at a blistering pace and Alex Baker took full advantage of the good start by scoring a first […]

Mrs Stedman – Assembly

Good morning.   Today is Holocaust Memorial Day. Holocaust Memorial Day is commemorated on 27 January every year.   Between 1941 and 1945, the Nazis attempted to kill all of Europe’s Jews. This systematic and planned attempt to murder Jewish people in Europe is known as the Holocaust (The Shoah in Hebrew).   From the […]

What’s been happening in the Junior School?

Housepoints Year Group Winners No Year 6 this week due to Entrance Exam. Year Five William Towers (45)   Year Four Ewan Greenhalgh (68)   Year Three Afan Arshad (44)   House Totals (Pupil Average) Congratulations to Louis and Howlett Howlett 20.5 Kay 17.1 Hulme 15.5 Derby 15.1 Boys of the Week Congratulations to the […]